Providing the tool for prescience and evidence based decision

 The concern for availability and accessibility of agricultural data to curb food insecurity has become a global one. As a group, we have DEVELOPED a synergistic framework that uses digital extension service to enable easy data collection, harmonization, analysis, and use – to drive impacting changes in the agricultural value chains.

About us

Fooddata Nigeria is an agricultural data management organization driven by technology enabled extension delivery system, positioned to build reliable indigenous agricultural produce and farmers database for use by farmers, investors, policy makers, researchers, agricultural development intervention projects, and all stakeholders, safeguarding our food security in the long run.


Our Mission

We are committed to improving smallholder farmers livelihood through market aggregation and price stability, filling knowledge gap and information deficit – to scale production, and strengthening farmer’s cooperatives, which position them as stakeholders in making decisions that affects them as well as being the authentic beneficiaries of several interventions targeted at them – all through their own data that would be ethically used in line with their consent.

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to ensure that Nigeria agriculture becomes data-driven, and agricultural extension and advisory service is sustainable, cost effective, completely digitized and tailored to farmers needs, by improving our team and technology capabilities to improve efficiency.


Our Data Collection tool

We have developed and launched an android mobile app on google play store, for improved extension service delivery and ease of documentation. The mobile application will help in convenient data collection and captures the extension agent’s location, ensuring On-farm and genuine data are being submitted.


Crops Harvest Distribution in Dibbo Community, Bosso LGA, Niger State. 2018


What We Do

Data to Assets

These data would be available as both freemium and premium data.

Farmer's Education

 We shall educate farmers on sustainable agriculture, latest production practices, e.t.c.


From our data, we will make production and market projections to help farmers plan properly on choice of crops to plant more or less as well as give them price advantage through market aggregation.

Budgeting & Policy

Through our database, we shall develop realistic and impacting budget and policy for institutions, measure investment performances and ensure transparency.